When It Comes To Spirit

I've seen the day turn into night
I've watched the stars fade in the sky
As the morning sun starts another day
I saw my children at their birth
I see God's glory in the earth
Why should I believe anything that men may say

When it comes to spirit, when it comes to life
How can they get near it, when they are filled with strife
When it comes to faith in God, when it comes to love
You can't have it on your own, it comes down from above

Looking around at everything
How could this be without my king
Who created everything at His Lord's request
Having His spirit deep inside
And wanting that spirit as my guide
Following ever close is when life is best

When it comes to spirit, that's when it comes to life
I can't help but get near it, can't help but do what's right
That's what comes from faith in God, that's what comes from love
I didn't have it on my own, it came down from above

Feeling everything I do
I can't help but be in love with you
I'm thankful for all you've done in the lives I see
Not knowing what's around the bend
But knowing you'll be there to the end
It puts such a comfort deep inside of me

That's what comes from the spirit, that's what comes from life
I just cannot fear it, when God shines the light
If I'm doing something wrong, the light will show the way
I'll repent and then go on, toward the judgment day

© 2003 Darren Prater

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